From adhesive to gel adhesive.

Gel-Technology is an exclusive technical-scientific research that studies the behaviour of natural elements and eco-friendly raw materials. Applied to adhesives ensures the perfect balance between final performance and ease of use on site.

H40 Gel

Tested for the entire life-cycle of the tiling installation.

The durability of H40 Gel is verified by Kerakoll researchers using the SAS method; overcoming the standard’s limits, it subjects the fixed system to strain tests to simulate the floor’s life cycle. The sample is subjected to 20 mechanical stress cycles, 50 thermal stress cycles and finally 50 freeze-thaw cycles. Once the process is complete, tensile and shear tests are carried out to verify that the gel adhesive ensures above-standard adhesion values.


H40 Gel encompasses numerous advantages; here are its fundamental attributes

Unique workability

Designed for the professional tile fixer making it simple to choose, easy to use and risk-free.

Superior performance

Guaranteed technical performance; subject to stringent testing which reproduces the actual conditions that a tiling installation is subjected to over its life cycle.

Actual durability

More sustainable, thanks to the use of selected innovative raw materials.

Total safety

Very low VOC emissions, non-toxic, and non-hazardous to health of fixers and end users.

The perfect gel formula

The perfect gel formula: only those who know the extremes achieve balance.

The study of the perfect gel formula is based on the identification of six fundamental parameters related to the most important characteristics of workability and mechanical performance. During formulation in the laboratory, Kerakoll researchers carry out numerous tests to maximise and balance all these parameters. It is only after this long process in the laboratory and on site that the perfect gel formula is created.

H40 Gel

The first guaranteed, long-lasting gel adhesive.

The new H40 Gel adhesive gel is the end result when it comes to developing the perfect adhesive that guarantees actual durability on site: Kerakoll’s innovative gel mix is the pillar on which durability performance is based. There is no such thing as high, durable performance without perfect workability.

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